Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


ORGANIKZONE is a chain of organic store with products like Indian snacks, biscuits, cookies, organic confectionaries for kids, personal care products, wellness products, organic grocery products.

2. We already have a retail clothing shop, can we take ORGANIKZONE franchise?

Yes. You can change the Name board and receive all our services.

3. Is it necessary for the investor to have any experience or education to take ORGANIKZONE?

No, You should only sell ORGANIKZONE products.

4. How much does it cost [total investment] to get the ORGANIKZONE franchise?

a. Franchise fee Rs 83000+GST
b. Purchase of the products Rs 3 lakhs
c. Advance for the shop and Interior works (It depends on the area)
NOTE:- The first 2 (a, b) expenses are fixed, and the third (c) expense is vary based on you wish to invest in your interior decoration. If the place is owned by the franchisee means there is no advance.

So the total investment to begin the business would be minimum 5 lakhs.

5. To make racks, shelves, name boards, infrastructure, glass doors, interiors, etc… what would be the investment?

Approximate cost would be 1,00,000

6. What is monopoly (product’s) advantage for ORGANIKZONE?

All the products are exclusively from our factory provided to you in rock bottom price with high in quality.

7. Will I make a good amount of money out of Franchise?

ROI (Return on your Investment) will be 30%.
We provide you with the business plan and tools to be successful, but it needs your sincere hard work to make it happen.

8. Do you help with financing?


9. What is the tenure of the agreement?

This agreement is valid for 5 years.

10. What is the royalty fee?

It is 1% from the total sales.

11. How long it will take to start the store after paying the franchise fee?

It takes 17-27 days from the date of agreement to begin the business.

12. Will you help to find a location?


13. Do you provide training? Who pays for it?

We provide the specific training at our Chennai Office and the food and accommodation for you/staff will be borne by franchisee. We won’t charge any training fee.

14. Do you provide assistance to me after my store is open?

Yes, You will be receiving ongoing marketing support and more.

15. What marketing support do you provide?

We offer comprehensive marketing tools like posters, stickers, stands, no parking boards, scrolling advertisement matters to be broadcasted in local cable channels, design to advertise in concern business magazine, etc.

16. From where do I get my products?

We supply most of the products and few specialized products will be supplied to you on demand.

17. How will I deal with the stock of my store?

We provide you billing software where you can maintain your stocks / billing and purchase.

18. How do I get started?

Step – 1 : Identifying a premises with minimum area above 250 Sq.Ft.
Step – 2 : Send pictures of the premises to 9816618166 (Whatsapp).
Step – 3 : Preparing Blue Print of the proposed premises by an architect/civil engineer.
Step – 4 : Send your signed application form-A with owner’s residential proof, ID proof, and 3 stamp.
Step – 5 : Pay Franchise fee Rs. 83,000+18% GST and get franchise agreement
Step – 6 : Send the Rental agreement copy to our Chennai address/Email.
Step – 7 : Interview/shortlist/appoint/train all staff.
Step – 8 : Apply for all necessary license numbers
Step – 9 : Furnish the premises with essential and mandatory equipment
Step – 10 : Do Inauguration by informing the neighbourhood in an informative and innovative manner.

19. What I get for franchise fee of Rs 83000?

a. Brand name’s monopoly right
b. Billing software
c. Mobile application
d. Initial stock for Rs 30000

20. Will you send a representative to explain about the franchise plan?


21. Will you help in interior decoration?

Yes, we assist you through professional interior decors.

22. Will you help in appointing staff? And who will pay the salary?

Yes. We assist you to appoint the main competent person. Minimum 3 leads we give.The salary will be paid by you.

23. What are the documents required from us?

Franchise application with 3 photos, Rental agreement / tax receipt (if it is own building), identity / Address Proof.

24. What are the benefits of ORGANIKZONE* Software?

It supports you for all purchase & sales entry. It helps to generate bills & avoid stagnation of slow moving merchandise by maintaining inventory position. It helps you to plan and buy the requirement on daily basis.

25. Will the company provide us the interior?



It promotes it’s business through online ads, offline ads, value added services, etc… on a national platform maintaining a uniform standard which gives a better corporate reach.

27. Is there any monthly or yearly charges?

Maintenance cost for billing software & Mobile Application is Rs. 375/month has to be paid by the franchisee on or before 7th of every month to the franchisor.

28. Who will do the expense of advertising?

The expense for advertising local level will be borne by the franchisee & at national level by the franchisor.

29. Will the franchisor visit the place before we start or finalize?

No, but the franchisee has to send the pictures of the premises through whatsapp or email.

30. Franchise fee Rs 83000 +GST is refundable?

No, it is Non-Refundable one time investment.

31. Is there any online training?

Yes. We give billing software through team viewer from our office.
For Technical support contact Mr. Sayed :

32. When to make shop’s rental agreement?

Franchisee should send the pictures to or whatsapp to 9816618166, before making the rental agreement.

33. What is the difference between ORGANIKZONE and any clothing store?

ORGANIKZONE has all India presence
ORGANIKZONE advertises in national magazines.
ORGANIKZONE provides you merchandise in rock bottom price.